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We take care of every commissioned project as if we belonged to it, believing deeply in our work and always aiming for customer satisfaction: discover the world of RecoV services for the realization of testing facilities for the ventilation industry and the production of air-to-air heat recovery units.

From 2015 , RecoV is committed to creating systems that go beyond the normal laboratory concept for testing fans and ventilation systems: it was time to say stop to expensive and inaccurate tests, it was necessary to create a simple system and which would give immediate and shareable results .

At RecoV we choose to put your needs at the center of our work : each project aims to offer the best technical solutions available to meet the customer's requests, guaranteeing maximum quality , without sacrificing cost competitiveness and delivery times .


software and web-app for the selection and configuration of your products - DoEasy.


Automation and molds for the construction of air-air heat recovery and ventilation


Laboratories complying with AMCA 210 and ISO 5801 standards; laboratories dedicated to your study needs; production systems for heat recovery units


Fans, impellers, filters, machines for mechanical ventilation, air to air heat recuperators