We develop software for the management of wind tunnels , for measurement, for the automation of laboratories and for the management of measurement data, as well as for the research of tests and the creation of reports technical and commercial. We write code in LabView , VBA and Javascript .

The DoEasy platform

Our DoEasy platform can be linked to our wind tunnels to quickly share measurement data and perform simple and effective research strong> of the tested products . Furthermore, it can also be used exclusively as a customer support tool.

Totally customizable for graphics , languages and report layouts , the DoEasy platform allows you in a simple way to transform your paper catalog into a valuable tool to support customers and to know more about the research and preferences of your customers.

How to register for the DoEasy platform

You can sign up for our trial platform quickly and easily.

Attention: we at RecoV do not directly deal with the production of fans or machines: the purpose of the data pre-entered on the DoEasy platform is purely illustrative, therefore these could prove technically unreliable.

If you wish to receive further clarifications about software development services for wind tunnel management or the operation of our DoEasy platform, you can send your requests by visiting the Contacts section of the portal or by clicking on the "Contact Us" button.