The value of a Certified Wind Tunnel for fans performances AMCA 210 & ISO 5801


This is our passion: to create laboratories for measuring aerodynamic performance that are increasingly precise and accurate.

Even the most famous industry standards as an initial premise focuses on:

ISO 5801: "... This International Standard is the result of almost 30 years of discussion, comparative testing and detailed analyzes by leading specialists from the fan industry and research organizations throughout the world.

It was demonstrated many years ago that the codes for fan performance testing established in different countries do not always lead to the same results. ... "

Anyone of us who has a few years of experience in the world of ventilation will have heard this concept.

In fact, for many producers this awareness has been a trick, which has allowed them to acquire market shares, but which has also limited them and has not pushed them to develop better and better products.

Not everyone, however, has chosen the simplest way, and they have committed themselves to developing more and more performance products day after day. Now the distance between those who have committed themselves and those who are not is great, it would seem difficult to bridge. But the entrepreneur knows that the game is long and that the successes that are worth are seen in the long run.

This premise, I hope shareable, brings us to the focus of this short article: The importance of having an effective and precise wind tunnel, which allows us to have stable and repeatable measurements. The development of fans is expensive, and nobody likes the idea of ​​investing energy and time without taking advantage of it. The barotary, and by laboratory I mean both operators and measurement systems, must not be the cause of the failure of a development idea. So we must demand from our laboratory the possibility of having excellent results, comparable and distributable with the utmost confidence.

And we must ask ourselves whether our future will be based on a small lie or on a solid measure.