Fans - Performance testing using standardized airways ISO 5801


ISO 5801 is the STANDARD that we have to use as milestone for design the laboratories and to use day by day to performe tests on fans. The ISO 5801 as indicated  in the introduction is the result of 50 years of work, comparative testing and detailed analyses by leading specialists from the fan industry and research organizations throughout the world.

Ran the year 1963, it was the begining of the process of writing of this standard, the main scope of the standard was to be able to share everywhere the result of tests on fans, but was wellknown that the codes for fan performance testing established in different countries do not always lead to the same results.

The first ediction was publisched on 1997 and it was the result of aggregment among the different national standards. ISO 5801:1997

I remember the first time I read the standard ISO 5801:1997, may be was the 2002, I was almost come out from the university, and I remember how was difficult to find out the answers to all my doubts. Is then that I found the AMCA 210 standard, but this is argument for another post.

Later, in the 2007, after 10 years the second ediction was publisched ISO 5801:2007, it was the result of a survey of ISO members, deleting those methods that were the least frequently used. A significant reduction in the number of pages had been achieved.

For the third edition ISO 5801:2017, the contents were reorganized to define and allow all possible configurations of defined component parts as standardized test setups. A further significant reduction of volume has been achieved by streamlining the content.


You can have a preview of the standard at the following link: